According to the DSM- IV, the diagnosis manual for psychiatric disorders, necrophilia is defined as a sexual attraction to dead bodies. It is classified as paraphilia, which is a mentally unhealthy sexual attraction to something. The attraction has to disturbing to the patient in order for a diagnosis of a paraphilia. The sexual attraction also […]

The Necrophilia Debate

Necrophilia is the behavior of being sexually attracted to corpses. The word Necrophilia is derived from the Greek word nekros (meaning ‘corpse’ ) and philia (meaning ‘friendship’). Individuals who exhibit such behavior, are said to have an desire to possess an unresisting partner, or are sexually attracted to corpses. Necrophilia has been practiced in many […]

Ed Gein

Generally refered to as a ‘serial killer’ despite only being convicted for two murders, Edward Gein gained notoriety as a grave robber who desecrated a large number of burial sites. Born in Wisconsin to George and Augusta Gein, he experienced a childhood of forced religion, only leaving the house to go to school. His mother, […]

Jeffrey Dahmer

Born in 1960, Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer and sex offender that murdered 17 men and boys over the period 1978 to 1991, most of which were African or Asian descent. Born in West Allis, Wisconsin, during his childhood Jeffrey was already showing signs of antisocial behavior – such as a fascination with dead […]

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is a well-known American serial killer. Born in Vermont in 1946, Bundy killed at least twenty-six people between 1974 and early 1978. He was finally apprehended in February, 1978. Ted Bundy showed signs of a troubled personality as early as high school. He had difficulty relating to his peers, and was extremely socially […]

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